Reconnection – How Lib Dem Lords can make the difference

The new policy announced by Tim Farron in his leadership campaign* regarding a Liberal Democrat Lord representing each region is an inventive suggestion. With it the party can use its strength in the upper chamber to represent its membership and the cause of liberalism at a point when presence in the House of Commons is at its lowest ebb for the past 40 years.

While such a suggestion is defiantly welcome there is an opportunity to take it one stage further. Due to the potential bottleneck that having a single representative Lord can represent, the Lord should have a team from the region who can act as a conduit between the two and highlight key issues to the representative Lord as they arise. Along with this, the team members can represent the Lord at various local meetings across the region to help provide the connection the appointed Lords represent.

The Liberal Democrats are strong on the ground and hard work put in by local groups needs to be represented. With Tim Farron’s suggestion we have a chance of reconnecting our key strengths and let Liberalism be heard loud and clear once again.


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